Table Works Plus

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  • Table Works Plus
    is located "on the bricks" (brick streets) in beautiful, historic, downtown Thomasville, Georgia. We are a family owned and operated business. Though founded and operated for many years in Leesburg, Virginia, we relocated our business to this quaint small town in Southern Georgia, in 1998, the same year Thomasville was awarded the National Main Street Award.

  • Something Extra

  • 1951 Studebaker named "Dewey"

    In addition to our store, we are also known around the area for our famous
    Table Works Plus
    "peach butter," and for our 1951 Studebaker named "Dewey" that is often parked in front our store located at 109 West Jackson Street in Thomasville. If you see "Dewey" out front, then you know we are here!

    We look forward to meeting you soon at Table Works Plus!